Cell Phone Anti-theft software at its finest – a smartfuzz review

Cell Phone Anti-theft software at its finest – a smartfuzz review
Release Date 02/15/2011
Company Infoshore Software (P) Ltd
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Release Date02/15/2011
CompanyInfoshore Software (P) Ltd
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logosmartThere is no denying the fact that we become more and more reliant on mobile devices throughout our everyday lives. As they become inseparable parts of our lives, we tend to take for granted the important data on our mobile devices, and therefore not realizing how important our phones are until we lose them. Most modern phones have some form of phone GPS tracking system in place that would help their owner retrieve them in the event they get lost or stolen, but finding the phone once you have lost it is only half the battle. We are talking, of course, about the issue of lost data. Fortunately, you can rely on anti theft software such as SmartFuzz to not only incorporate state of the art GPS phone tracking but also a series of other protective systems designed to safeguard your data in the event of phone theft.


GPS Tracking – The beauty of modern mobile phones is that they are designed to be constantly connected to some sort of network virtually anywhere on the planet thus increasing the possibility that you can track down your phone within a relatively short period of time. With cell phone gps tracking you can discover your phone’s location just by sending an SMS message. The moment your phone receives that SMS, it will immediately appear on Google Maps, thus making it easily traceable should you involve the police. Although a big part of the overall security system, the mobile phone gps tracking tool is not the sole protective system that revolutionary software such as SmartFuzz uses to track down and safeguard your phone at any given time.

Data Backup – With the help of phone data backup software you can backup all the data on your phone should it get stolen in order to at least keep valuable information in the event that your phone can no longer be recovered. You can do this either through the member control panel or through the phone itself. With this feature, you can import recovered data from the lost phone into a new one, thus making the feature also usable in the event that your previous phone got damaged beyond repair.

Remote Data Wipe – SmartFuzz enables you to remotely wipe any sensitive data from your mobile phone should it get stolen. This advanced security system even features an android remote wipe that will protect the data on your android phone from any unwanted attention. This tool is designed to allow you to delete valuable data remotely with the use of an SMS command message. Just like data backup, you can access this feature through the member control panel should you see fit to do so. If you combine the remote wipe android feature with the data backup tool, you should be able to not only save your data from getting into the wrong hands, but also transfer it onto your new Android phone if the old one cannot be saved for whatever reason.

Device Alarm – The device alarm feature enables you to remotely activate an alarm that will let passers-by know that the person currently holding the phone has stolen it. The phone Device alarm is a great way to deter thieves from using the phone properly due to the loud noise, as well as helping you recover the phone itself. Being one of SmartFuzz’s most valuable features, the alarm will function even if the phone is set to operate in silent mode. Not only a quality security feature, the phone security alarm tool can also be used to locate the phone when you misplace it, even if it operates in silent mode.

Remote Locking – With the use of remote locking, you can safely lockdown your phone via a pre-defined SMS message. This will completely restrict any access to the phone by locking it. Just like the above mentioned features, this can also be remotely operated through the member control panel at any given time.

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Cell Phone Anti-theft software at its finest – a smartfuzz review 95.8

I got my phone stolen a while ago and even though I did not get it back, I managed to block it so it will not be used by my thief. A good thing about smartfuz is that you can remotely block your phone from being accessed and also send & display a custom message of your choosing. I blocked the phone remotely and displayed a bogus message that I knew who the thief was and that I would be coming back for it. I didn't manage to get the phone back unfortunately, but at least those bastards won't be able to use my phone.

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Posted on May 28, 2013 7:36 pm
Cell Phone Anti-theft software at its finest – a smartfuzz review 92.5

My girlfriend thought it would be a good idea if she stole my phone to browse through my personal contacts and text messages. Luckily, I was able to backup all data on it and delete everything on the phone's memory before she had a chance to do anything. Needless to say, she is now my ex-girlfriend.

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Posted on May 28, 2013 7:37 pm
Cell Phone Anti-theft software at its finest – a smartfuzz review 100.0

Lost my phone last week, and started calling it in case it was still in my wasn't. I remembered I had SmartFuzz in stalled though, so I was able to track it down using the GPS Tracking thingy. Turns out I left it in the back seat of a Taxi and I was able to recover it before the taxi driver ended his shift.

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Posted on May 28, 2013 7:37 pm

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